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Events upcoming in Tien Sen Tua Temple.

1st Jan 1970

Peaceful & Well-Being Bridge

30th Oct 2013


29th Oct 2013

Tien Sen Tua Temple Celebration "BAO GONG: 1014 Anniversary

1st Jan 1970

6th Sep 2013

Lunar 7th Month Festival 2013

16th Aug 2013

SanTanZongTan XuanWuGong

30th Jun 2013

Visit Taipei Luzhou Di Mu Miao

1st Dec 2012


13th Oct 2012


7th Nov 2012


6th Nov 2012


11th Nov 2012


10th Nov 2012


9th Nov 2012
The gods from the North will descend and bring devotees cross the bridge for blessings and safety.

Prosperity Banquet

8th Nov 2012
Banquet in celebration of Bao Gong's thousandth birthday to seek peace and safety.

Bao Gong's birthday1013

5th Nov 2012
The temple will be having ritual celebrations to mark the birthday of the deity Bao Gong, also commonly known as Justice Bao on the 5th of Nov.  

Jiu Fu Wang Ye

16th May 2009