Deities worshipped in our temple
Feng Du Da Er Ye Bo

Everyone of us has a constellation of “evil stars” in our life, causing us to have poor inner peace, bad luck in work, conflict with loved ones and friends, quarrels, mishaps in love and even illness. Therefore, we pray to Justice Bao and “Da Er Ye Bo” to help us drive away out ill fortune and herald good health, positive energy, a bright future and prosperity.

Bai Tian Gong or Worshipping the Celestial Emperor

Tien Sen Tua Temple invite priests from China to lead its devotees through this ritual: The ninth day of the Lunar New Year is the birthday of the Celestial Emperor, and worshippers will prepare food offerings, incense paper, and light up candles to bai tian gong or worshipping the Celestial Emperor. Worshippers will call upon the Celestial Emperor to shower blessings on harmonious family relations, good luck, good wealth etc. However, in China – the country of origin of Taoism – since olden days, there have existed several unique methods of worshipping the Celestial Emperor. They are:

Blessed “lock”
On reaching one week after birth, parents will have to carry their baby and bai tian gong and ask for a blessed “lock” to be worn, so their child will grow up with a body as strong as steel and a solid constitution.

Completion of youth
On reaching 16 years old, everyone has to bai tian gong to signify our thanks on the completion of youth, and heralding a successful and bright future.

Blessing of Longevity
When everyone is nine or 10 years old, 19 or 20 years old… 79 or 80 years old; he or she is encouraged to bai tian gong to receive blessings for a smooth-sailing life, good health and wealth.

Offering thanks
In bai tian gong, we are offering thanks to the mighty Celestial Emperor for protecting us. Be it purchasing a new car, house getting married or any other joyous occasion, we must bai tian gong to show our thanks and also ask for an item of blessing that can be worn on the body, displayed in the house or car – heralding a smooth life path , happiness and good health and wealth.

Making wishes
We wish that the Celestial Emperor will bless our business to prosper, wealth to blossom, good luck to permeate the family and good health etc.

Hu Wei Jiang Jun

In one’s daily life, it is inevitable that you will meet Xiao Ren or mischief makers, causing problems or obstacles. “Hu Wei Jiang Jun, Wu Hu Da Jiang Jun, Shen Gui Tian Shou, Shen She Tian Fu , Tian Gou and Jin Ji can help devotees drive away these mischief makers, bringing about a smoother life and harmony in work.


Intellect is a much sought-after virtue by everyone. However, intellect is inborn. For children who are not that intelligent, do not do well in examinations or could not perform to their optimum capability in work; parents could bring them to pay homage to the Confucius deity seeking blessings for greater intellect, doing well in exams, becoming more astute and clever.

Fu De Zheng Shen

If you feel that you are losing wealth, lack of luck in wealth and things are not smooth, it is because you do not have the help of a benefactor or Gui Ren. Paying your homage to Da Bo Gong, Shan Cai Tong Zi and the god of Fortune will ensure that you are blessed with the help of a benefactor, to bring about a change in your fortune.

He He Er Xian

There is a saying that marriage is pre-destined and that one should not miss the opportunity. Young couples who are not married, or have not found their desired partners can pray to He He Er Xian so that they can find their desired partners and settle down to a blissful marriage. Devotees can also pray that the relationships between husband and wife, friends, teacher and students, boss and colleagues etc can remain strong and steadfast.

Goddess of Mercy, Zu Sheng Niang Niang

For couples trying futilely for a child after years of marriage  they can pray homage to the Goddess of Mercy, Zu Sheng Niang Niang for blessing, and take home a blessed red flower (denotes giving birth to daughter) or white flower (denotes giving birth to a son).

Tai Sui

The ” Tai Sui” God is know as (Tai Sui) or the (Age God), which also means Year God. It is named (Tai Sui General). “Tai Sui” originated from the ever changing year and natural movement of the universe.

San Guan Da Di

The so-called San Guan Da Di refers to:

(1) Shang Yuan Yi Pin Ci Fu Tian Guan Zi Wei Da Di
(2) Zhong Yuan Er Pin She Zui Di Guan Qing Xu Da Di
(3) Xia Yuan San Pin Jie Er Shui Guan Dong Yin Da Di

Tian Guan Ci Fu : Blesses devotees with luck, wealth, prosperity

Di Guan She Zui : expiates devotees’ past sins, turning over a new leaf and ensuring a smooth future.

Shui Guan Jie Er : drives away devotees’ ill fortune, ensuring a life od peace, harmony and  safety.